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Building Drainage Channel with SS201 Grating

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The main advantages of linear drainage channel:

1. Linear drainage series products are modular systems with different specification groups and can meet the needs of various building drainage. Because it is linear continuous drainage, the drainage volume is much better than the ordinary point drainage effect, and there will be no phenomenon such as local water accumulation.

2. The linear design gives people a very intuitive linear look and feel, concise and unified, with linear continuous water interception, and extremely high drainage efficiency;

3. In terms of installation and maintenance, the construction ditch depth is shallow, the slope finding is simple, easy to construct, and the installation and construction speed is fast, which can ensure the construction period;

4. It can effectively reduce the amount of buried pipeline construction and reduce the difficulty of construction. Because the rainwater collection grate of the linear drainage system is open and the ground is very easy to clean up debris and normal maintenance.

5. Linear drainage channel has good drainage capacity and is very suitable for installation in places with high requirements for paving landscape. This system can be used with all ground paving materials and has good load-bearing performance.

6. The slot drainage system can form a linear drainage ditch with high drainage efficiency and simple appearance on the pavement ground without affecting the aesthetic effect of the ground paving. The material is SS201 or SS304, each piece is 1 meter in length, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

7. The linear drainage ditch has good drainage capacity. After the installation of the project, there is only a beautiful line on the ground and the corner of the wall, which has the advantages of anti-theft, anti-blocking, reducing flood peaks, fashion and beauty.


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