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Fujian Yete Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2010, is located in Changle city, China, close to Fuzhou Changle international airport. We enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation.

The company is a company developing, manufacturing and marketing professional water......


Comply with is90012015 quality......


Within 5days for samples ,15-25days for bulk goods.


China factory directly supply resin......


The monthly output is 10,000 meters of drain cover and 10,000 meters of drain cover.

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    [news] Something You Need to Know About Channel Drain
    Something You Need to Know About Channel DrainDuring the heavy rains last summer, did the city experience waterlogging and flooding? Is it inconvenient for you to travel after heavy rain? Pooling water can cause structural damage to your home and create a safety hazard around high-traffic areas like
  • May
    [news] How to choose the right channel drain
    How to choose the right finished channel drain?The channel drain is usually located in front of the garage, around the pool, on both sides of the commercial area or road. Choosing the right finished drainage ditch product and using a reasonable layout can effectively improve the drainage efficiency
  • May
    [news] Polymer concrete drainage channel system installation instructions
    Polymer concrete drainage channel system installation instructionsPolymer concrete drainage channel system should be classified first during the installation process, and reasonable installation should be carried out according to the cover coming with drainage channel.I. Digging the base troughBefo
  • Jun
    Xiamen International Auto Circuit
    Project Name: Xiamen International Auto CircuitProject address: Dunshang Village International Circuit, Neicuo Town, Xiang'an, XiamenPark area: 406,000 square metersContracting unit: Xiamen Luluxing Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.Supply product: Monolithic drainage channel + resin concrete inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the service life of polymer concrete drainage channel?

    A Strictly speaking, the service life of a drainage channel is affected by many factors, such as whether the pavement is completed according to the construction process proposed by the manufacturer, the complexity of the fluid, whether there is a strong acid-base liquid of sulfuric acid, and whether the weight of the vehicle passing by the surface Exceeding the design load of the trench body and so on. If it is within the control range, the service life of polymer concrete drainage channel is more than 20-50 years. In foreign countries, as a century-old urban underground waterway, polymer concrete products are widely used.
  • Why do ordinary drains need to be cleaned frequently?

    Ordinary drainage channel is made of concrete, the channel body is not smooth enough, there is friction, and it is easy to trap garbage, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Especially before the flood season comes, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to clean it to ensure that the normal drainage is not blocked during the flood season. Now the new type of drainage channel is a integrated finished linear drainage channel, the main material is polymer concrete, instead of the traditional concrete channel. With U-shaped cross section, the channel is smooth.It is difficult for garbage to stay, and it is not easy to be blocked. There are inspection openings every 10-20 meters for easy cleaning.
  • What are the basic classification and structure types of drainage channel?

    There are basically two types of drainage channel: the first is a sunchannel: a sunchannel, also known as a "open channel", is a drainage channel that exposes the ground. The second type is hidden channel: concealed channel (also called blind channel), used in some venues that require good drainage, such as the high groundwater level of the gymnasium, which can affect plant growth. Blind channel can be used.
    The channel body is generally "U", "V" type, made of polymer concrete, and the cover has a grid one, a slot one, etc., and the material is mostly stainless steel. It is the second-generation drainage channel.
    U-shaped drainage channel
    The structure of drainage channel is divided into type A drainage channel, type B drainage channel and trapezoidal drainage channel. Type A and Type B are rectangular, but the size is different, trapezoid is trapezoidal shape. Specific specifications refer to the construction drawings.
    Rectangular drainage channel: advantages, the width of the top excavation is small, and the depth can be controlled at will.
    Disadvantages, the structure is unstable, it is easy to collapse and block the channel, and the maintenance frequency is high.
    Trapezoidal drainage channel: advantages, stable structure, no need for frequent maintenance after completion.
    Disadvantages: wide excavation area and large amount of engineering earthwork. The depth is proportional to the width of the excavation surface.

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