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metal car park slot drain cover

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1. Choose the right drain cover

When we build a ground parking lot, we should determine which drainage cover to choose according to the terrain and rainfall of the parking lot. Generally, stainless steel grid drainage cover is used in the southern region.  The steel grid cover is made of carbon steel, and the surface is galvanized to prevent oxidation. Or we choose ductile iron cover, which can meet the large displacement; it has high strength, light structure, strong anti-corrosion ability, durable, beautiful appearance, and shiny surface; it have features of no dirt, rain, snow, and water, it is self-contained Clean and easy to maintain; It has good ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, and anti-slip performance,easy to install and disassemble.

2. Choosing a drainage channel with good load-bearing performance

The type of drainage channel to choose should be decided according to the actual type of vehicles to be parked in the parking lot. The load-bearing level of the finished linear drainage channel meets the EU's EN1433 standard, which can meet the load-bearing requirements of grades A to F.

3. Choosing a drainage channel with high drainage efficiency

We calculate the catchment area based on the annual rainfall of the geographic location to select the appropriate gutter size. The finished linear drainage channel can be customized in size,The perfect channel should have U-shaped section design, large drainage, smooth surface, not easy to leave fallen leaves and debris, and high drainage efficiency.

4. Choosing drainage channel with good stability

When parking on the ground is often full of vehicles, it is very troublesome to repair or replace the drainage channel, so it is necessary to choose a drainage channel with good stability,which do not need to be replaced frequently. The finished linear drainage channel is made of resin material, which has good stability, and the channel will not be easily broken; it is resistant to cold and freezing, high temperature, corrosion resistance, and long service life; there are inspection ports at certain distances, which is convenient for maintenance.


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