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Hydraulic Stretching Machine

Hydraulic Stretching Machine

Hydraulic pendulum CNC shearing machine-液压摆式数控剪板机

Hydraulic pendulum CNC shearing machine

Enterprise equipment introduction

Hydraulic pendulum shears
1. It adopts steel plate welded structure, hydraulic drive, accumulator return stroke, convenient operation, reliable performance and beautiful appearance.
2. The blade gap adjustment is indicated by a sign, the adjustment is light and rapid, and the adjustment is stepless.
3. Equipped with light alignment device, and can steplessly adjust the stroke of the upper tool post.
4. Use fence type personal safety protection device.
5. The backgauge adopts MD11 numerical control system, which has low noise and high precision.

Hydraulic Stretching Machine Applicable fields: It is suitable for metal material stretching, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, punching and other processes and various powder products to be pressed.

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