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Yete polymer concrete Electrical Enclosures

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Product advantages of Yete polymer concrete Electrical Enclosures:

    The Electrical Enclosures/boxes/cabinets is made of polymer concrete material, and the surface is not sandy and smooth. According to different needs, different pigments can be added to produce products with different appearance colors, and even surface electroplating can be performed according to requirements. The surface is not easy to accumulate sediment, easy to rinse without brushing.

    With precise size, light weight, It reduces the thickness of materials, reduces the cost of transportation, hoisting, excavation and installation, and greatly shortens the installation time.

    It has long service life and low maintenance cost: easy on-site processing, easy installation, bonding, drilling and cutting: its easy bonding and high water resistance make it easy to process, drill and cut on site without causing it changes in performance. The finished polymer concrete Electrical Enclosures/boxes/cabinets has the advantages of easy construction and convenient installation, which is conducive to shortening and mastering the construction period.

    Yete polymer concrete Electrical Enclosures/boxes/cabinets models are complete and can be customized as needed.


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