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Comb Profile Drainage Channel

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With the development of the city, more and more surface parking lots or underground parking lots require the unified coordination of environment and use functions. However, the urban land is becoming increasingly scarce. Architects build underground parking lots in the green underground in the city center combined with civil air defense, and at the same time satisfy Air defense, greening and parking space configuration requirements, shuttle resin concrete drainage channel has become a trend.


Product Characteristics

Meet the standardized width of wheelchair and bicycle tires;

One-time resin concrete molding, load-bearing grade C250;

No moving parts, no noise, simple installation, and can also be used for blind track instructions;

The Comb Profile Drainage Channel is only 50mm in height and can be used under restricted conditions in high-rise buildings.

Comb-shaped resin concrete drainage channel (1)Comb-shaped resin concrete drainage channel (2)Comb-shaped resin concrete drainage channel (3)


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