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polymer modern apartment kerb drainage channel

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The slot cover of the linear trench drain has beautiful and fashionable elements, which can be applied to various trench drain:polymer concrete channel, HDPE trench drain, brick ditch,and cement ditch.Raw material is 304 stainless steel, with drawing film, single gap, or more gaps, the linear trench drain has a strong load-bearing capacity, which protects personal safety and avoids unnecessary property losses. On the other hand, the linear trench drain has a large drainage gap, which avoid the problem that excessive rainfall and rainwater cannot be discharged. The U-shaped smooth inner wall surface also has the characteristics of self-cleaning, so that the product looks very clean.

Linear trench drain is a new type of drainage product suitable for use in densely populated areas. It is widely used for drainage in areas such as airports, stations, shopping malls, parks, and sidewalks. The biggest feature of linear trench drain is that its gap is narrow enough. It will not let the tires of bicycles, shopping carts, and disabled vehicles get stuck in the gaps of the drain cover. Roller skating and roller skates can also pass smoothly. The width of the gap is not more than 10mm, which can also prevent women's thin high-heeled shoes from stepping on the gap in embarrassment.


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