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concrete modern apartment kerb drainage channel

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If the trench drain of the community is not cleaned frequently, the household garbage of the residents can easily block the trench drain. Then, how to prevent the blockage of the trench drain of the community? There,in a lot of community,are still trench drains that are old-fashioned open-ditch drainage methods. If this type of trench drain is not cleaned regularly, it will easily cause blockage of trench drain of he community. Now the trench drain of the community reconstruction has been selected new linear resin trench drain. This concealed drainage method will not cause blockage of the trench drain in the community, and it is also very convenient for maintenance and cleaning. It is recommended to install this kind of trench drain.


Advantages of installing linear resin trench drain in community trench drain


The unique U-shaped cross-section design of the linear resin trench drain can effectively increase the drainage capacity and enhance the self-purification function. Compared with the traditional drainage facilities, the drainage capacity of the community has been greatly improved, and at the same time, it has a higher self-cleaning function. Because the inner wall is smooth and all kinds of dirt are not easy to adhere to it, and the cleanliness is high. In the process of long-term use, the trench drain of the community is not easy to cause blockage, the flow can be self-cleaning, and it is easy to clean and maintain.


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