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Xiamen International Auto Circuit

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Project Name: Xiamen International Auto Circuit

Project address: Dunshang Village International Circuit, Neicuo Town, Xiang'an, Xiamen

Park area: 406,000 square meters

Contracting unit: Xiamen Luluxing Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.

Supply product: Monolithic drainage channel + resin concrete inspection well + ductile iron inspection sump cover

Quantity: 225 meters

Specification: 250*320

Delivery time: September 23, 2019

Supplier: Fujian Yete Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xiamen International Circuit

Xiamen International Auto Circuit is the first formula circuit in Xiamen and even Fujian. It is located at the Dunshang Village International Circuit in Neicuo Town, Xiang'an, Xiamen. 

I am honored that the drainage channel used by the Xiamen International Automobile Racing Stadium has chosen our integrated finished drainage channel. 

I believe that many companies have been compared in the early stage of the project, whether it is a comprehensive comparison of product quality, price, service, etc., 

or choose We cooperated with our Fujian Yete Industrial Co., Ltd., and we fulfilled our mission very well, and won unanimous praise from our customers.

The Monolithic drainage channel used in the Xiamen International Auto Circuit this time has a good drainage effect and a high bearing level. 

The cover plate and the channel body form an integrated structure, which is very suitable for use in places such as a racing circuit and effective control. 

There is no cover displacement or bounce phenomenon when the vehicle is running at high speed, and the load-bearing level is good, the strength is high, 

and it is used for a long time, and it will not be crushed by frequently driving vehicles. It is widely used in municipalities, urban cross trenches, tunnels, airports, docks and other places with high load-bearing requirements, which can effectively protect the safety of vehicles passing through.

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