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Building Material Drainage Channel with Ductile Iron Grating 

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I. The building drainage system is an important part of the building's water supply and drainage system, which directly affects the convenience and comfort of building users and the environmental quality. A well-engineered drainage system should be able to quickly discharge sewage and waste water to prevent accumulation of water on the ground and pavement buildings and property from causing losses,Whether it is to deal with normal ground drainage or heavy rains that have not been encountered in many years, it is very necessary to design an effective ground drainage system. A successful drainage system can achieve the following functions:

1. It is able to deal with all kinds of rain and weather

2. It can quickly reduce the surface area of accumulated water and quickly discharge sewage and waste.

3. It can reduce wrestling and tire slip caused by slippery ground

4. It can effectively assure ground paving and buildings of the service life.  

5. It can protect the fixed assets of owners and customers from being flooded

6. The clean and tidy ground of a building after rain can give the public a happy mood and reduce the uncomfortable feeling of traveling after rain.


II. The above-mentioned drainage requirements can be realized by the finished linear polymer drainage system. The use characteristics of the linear drainage system:

★The resin linear drainage channel is made of polymer concrete: it has the characteristics of light weight, anti-aging, anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, strong bearing capacity, smooth surface and zero permeability.

★The unique design of "V" and "U" shape can effectively increase the drainage capacity and enhance the self-cleaning function.

★ It gives a very intuitive linear look and feel, concise and unified

★Linear continuous water interception, high drainage efficiency

★In terms of installation and maintenance, the construction trench depth is shallow

★Simple slope setting and easy construction

★The installation and construction speed is fast, which can ensure the construction period

★It can effectively reduce the amount of buried pipeline construction and reduce the difficulty of construction. Because the rainwater collection grate of the linear drainage system is open on the ground,it is very easy to clean up debris with normal maintenance.


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