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Commercial concrete kerb drainage channel

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The prefabricated trench drain is made of polymer concrete material, which completely abandons the cement component and does not need to add any water. Different grades of aggregates are mixed and reacted by resin. The prefabricated U-shaped trench drain has advantages of strong load-bearing capacity and light weight.

The product of the same volume is obviously several times higher than the pressure resistance of ordinary cement products. The load-bearing standard of prefabricated U-shaped polymer concrete trench drain EN1433, DIN EN 1433:2002 "Classification, design, test requirements, marking and qualification of drainage channels in vehicles and pedestrian areas "Assessment" is the European standard for trench drain in traffic area. Prefabricated U-shaped polymer concrete trench drain is produced according to this standard. In addition to the requirements of drainage performance and beautiful style, the trench drain also requires good load-bearing performance to enable the product to achieve long-term use life.


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