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Drainage Channel With Stamped Cover-Type Polymer Edge Guard

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The stainless steel stamping cover plate is made of high-quality stainless steel sheet by folding and stamping. The surface of the cover plate is designed with round non-slip bumps and oblique non-slip bumps, which is especially suitable for greasy and slippery environments. Stamping cover has the advantages of beautiful appearance, better drainage, high strength, more standards and low cost, so stainless steel trench cover is usually used in places with lighter load.

Product Characteristics

Long product life cycle and low maintenance cost;

The drainage ditch is made of resin concrete, with strong bearing capacity, up to 400KN;

The resin drainage ditch has two types of metal edge protection and resin edge protection, which provide better support and protection for the cover;

The cover plate is made of stainless steel, and different designs can be used according to the different bearing capacity.

The stainless steel grille cover is made of flat steel and cross-arranged according to a certain interval and cross bars, and welded into the middle

A steel product with a square grid. The stainless steel grille cover has the properties of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, and explosion-proof. The surface of the grid plate can be punched to increase the non-slip performance. Flat steel can also be made of I-type flat steel.


Product Characteristics

The surface is shiny and beautiful;

Features such as easy hoisting;

Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, good anti-skid performance, anti-fouling.

The firm grid pressure welding structure makes it have the characteristics of high load-bearing and light structure;

Beautiful appearance, durable, hot-dip galvanized surface treatment makes it have quite good anti-corrosion ability;



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