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Driveway Concrete Drainage Channel with Grating 

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The finished drainage channel has a large drainage volume

Heavy rains cause urban waterlogging, which is that the drainage volume of the urban drainage system is not enough to withstand strong precipitation, leading to the occurrence of waterlogging. The unique U-shaped design of the finished drainage ditch can effectively increase the drainage capacity, better hydraulic performance, continuous drainage, large drainage, and no local water accumulation. Experiments have proved that the finished drainage channel with a 15mm slotted cover has a drainage capacity of 0.6L/m per second, which is much better than the ordinary point drainage. Therefore, when the finished drainage ditch is installed,even after a heavy rain, waterlogging will not be so severe.

The finished drainage ditch has strong environmental stability

The traditional drainage ditch has poor stability, so it will be corroded by acid and alkali after a few years of use, causing damage and poor drainage. Because the finished drainage ditch is made of high-quality polymer concrete material, it is not only lighter in weight than traditional drainage ditch, but also has the advantages of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. At the same time, it has a higher degree of resistance to cold and heat. The finished drainage channel has better environmental stability, and it will not be prone to aging, corrosion, brittleness or denaturation when installed and used in various climatic environments.


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