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Driveway Drainage Channel with Aluminium Grating 

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Trench Drain can beautify the city

The market demand for drainage channel is increasing. In terms of function, it is not only playing a single drainage role. Beautifying the city is also a role that cannot be ignored. If some ingenious ideas and concepts are added to the drainage ditch, there comes out artistic effects.For example, the style of linear slot drain is liked by many people, adding another feeling to the ground paving, which not only effectively protects the service life of the road and the building, but also combines beauty and practicality.


Drainage ditch has the function of draining water

Drainage is the biggest function of drainage channel. As a kind of urban surface drainage project, drainage ditch can effectively solve the problem of urban waterlogging in rainy season in many cities now, and it can also discharge and treat our urban domestic wastewater. Just imagine if the drainage is not smooth , There will be muddy land in rainy days,and gray sky in sunny days, causing serious environmental pollution, and residents will complain, which greatly affects our lives and the image of the city.


Drainage channel can promote the construction of sponge city

Sponge city construction is connected to the drainage ditch. Its biggest feature is the concept innovation of returning to the natural hydrological cycle, that is, making full use of urban green space, water system, etc., so that it can play the role of sponge accumulation, infiltration, purification, and release of water. Yete drainage channel has been certified as a green building material product and is suitable for the construction of sponge cities.


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