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Driveway Drainage Channel with Cast Iron Grates

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The ductile iron cover has a high load-bearing class, and has excellent drainage capacity and self-cleaning performance. It is suitable for areas with high load-bearing capacity, such as fire lanes, airports, stations and other places that large vehicles pass over. It can be used with varied materials of different hardness. The appearance is simple and beautiful, which meets the EN1433 standard.

The general drainage system will be blocked after a period of use. Once heavy rainfall comes, it is impossible to guarantee the smooth progress of drainage. Its impact on the city and the people's life is undoubtedly immeasurable. The U-shaped drainage ditch using new polymer material has a smooth inner wall and compact structure. This advantage determines that it will never be blocked under normal circumstances. Sundries such as some leaves and cigarette butts cannot remain on the inner wall of the U-shaped drainage ditch,ensuring the high standard drainage with smooth progress and greatly increases the service life of the drainage ditch.


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