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Driveway Drainage Channel with Ductile Iron Grating 

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As a new type of drainage ditch product, polymer concrete drainage channel has a wide range of applications. Through its own rich application, it plays a huge role in the corresponding drainage system, and protects all aspects of our lives. Polymer concrete drainage channel can not only be applied in some places closely connected with our daily life, such as: residential areas, stadiums, commercial streets, gardens, etc., but it also be applied to the roads and railroad tracks on which we travel.

Application of polymer concrete drainage channel in urban road drainage system

In the past, some urban road rainwater drainage systems usually used traditional underground pipelines, but now many municipal roads in cities have begun to use polymer concrete drainage channels to replace traditional drainage pipelines. The once backward drainage system of municipal roads often causes flood hazards in cities. From the root cause, this is that changes in urban construction have changed the direction of surface water flow and increased the burden on the drainage system. Polymer concrete drainage channel can not only discharge the same water body as traditional pipelines, but also make our municipal road sewage and rainwater,relying on its smooth inner wall design, lightweight texture, super anti-corrosion and acid-alkali resistance, etc..Discharge of water is more efficient, and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.


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