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Driveway Drainage Channel with Grates

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Drainage channel is a very important link that is often overlooked in the design of surface drainage system when engineering projects. The linear drainage channel is an intelligent drainage system, which is superior in both the drainage volume and the aesthetics of the product after installation.

The drainage channel with grille cover is mainly used in municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, industrial plants, etc. It is the most common product on both sides of the road, which plays a role of protection and support.


For the polymer concrete drainage ditch,the material polymer concrete is composed of synthetic resin, filler, and sand. When mixing, we add hardener and accelerator, and then fill it into the mould. After a few minutes of vibrating, the mould can be demolded to obtain the finished polymer concrete precast products. The difference between polymer concrete components and regular concrete is that the cementing material used is synthetic resin, not cement, but its technical performance is much better than ordinary cement. Compared with cement concrete, it has high hardness, high strength and significant performance of permeability resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and bonding properties.


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