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Driveway Drainage Channel with Metal Grating

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Linear drainage channel is a unique and easy to install surface water channel drainage system in any environment. Linear drainage channel provides a complete and long-term solution for collection and diffusion of surface water through a unique channel drainage system. Linear drainage channel is 1 meter long per meter. It can be combined with various cover plate accessories to help install and connect for drainage. The linear drainage channel is made of polymer concrete material according to ISO9001 quality standards,and craftsmanship are in line with BS EN1433 standards to comply with regulations.

This combination has the advantage of high stability, which can facilitate a large amount of surface runoff to pass in a short time, and divert it into a linear drainage ditch with a U-shaped section, thereby improving water collection performance. The load capacity can reach 40 tons, with which heavy vehicles can pass through .It can be applicated to many places, such as parking lots, logistics parks, industrial zones, highway intersections, railroad tracks, airports and docks where high loads are required.


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