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Driveway Drainage Channel with SS304 Grating 

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The reason why linear drainage channel can solve drainage worries for cities with frequent rainy seasons is that it has the incomparable advantages over other drainage products:

1. The linear drainage ditch has a unique design, mainly with a "V" or "U" shape in cross section. This feature will be for the special mechanism of the drainage channel to make the water conservancy performance more powerful, and at the same time enhance the automatic cleaning of the drainage ditch functionality.It solves the cleaning problem of the traditional structure of the drainage ditch, and fully meets the needs of low cost, high structure and best quality.

2. The material of the linear drainage channel breaks through the tradition. The polymer  concrete material can be more convenient for transportation and installation on the premise of weight reduction, and this material has a very strong lifespan in terms of anti-aging, anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, etc. In the end, its bearing capacity and smooth surface permeability will be the best and most efficient.

3. The intuitive design of linear drainage channel can give people a simple and unified sensory vision, but the linear drainage in the continuous structure makes the design efficiency more efficient, but it also solves the essence of building materials to the greatest extent.

4. In terms of installation and maintenance, the construction ditch depth is shallow, slope finding is simple, easy to construct, and the installation and construction speed is fast, which can ensure the construction period.


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