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Driveway Resin Concrete Drainage Channel with Grating

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Drainage channel can effectively solve the problem of urban waterlogging in the rainy season in many cities, and it can also discharge and treat our urban domestic wastewater. It can be said to be closely related to our lives. The clean and tidy ground of a city after rain can be seen as a measure of urban drainage system. The stagnant water on the pavement is drained. The citizens will have a happy mood when traveling and reduce the uncomfortable feeling of traveling after rain. Imagine if there is no drainage ditch and the drainage is not smooth, there will be "going out to see the sea, traveling by boat". When a situation like these occurs,residents will complain and it have a great impact on our lives. Therefore, drainage is the most important function of the drainage ditch, and it is very necessary to choose an effective ground surface drainage system.


Flood diversion

Drainage channel can play a very important role at critical moments. In addition to its application in cities, drainage channel as a drainage system supported by new materials has also been used in scenic spots, modern agricultural irrigation, and railway tracks water discharge, and other fields,.Although its role is so many, the role of flood diversion is not to be underestimated.Urban road rainwater drainage system is usually carried out by using traditional underground pipelines, when the flood comes, it can be opened by opening the surface drainage channel. The flood diversion device allows the road flood here to be directly introduced into the underground drainage ditch, and the flood is quickly led out through the underground drainage route to facilitate the safety of nearby residents and roads.


Water distribution

The drainage channel also has a strong water distribution function, which is to effectively distribute and manage the various water sources entering it. According to the characteristics of the impermeable and fast assembly of the finished drainage ditch, making the best use of drainage channel.it greatly reduces the manual water distribution,saving work energy. Through the internal device of the drainage ditch to effectively adjust the flow direction of the water source, the load-bearing requirements of the drainage channel in landscape gardens are not required too high, but it is required to be able to achieve rapid and effective drainage, which can effectively control the surface water of the landscape garden to be removed. So designers should pay attention to controlling the slope of the ground, combining with terrain interception and organizing drainage. If the drainage ditch can be used reasonably, it can also be used as a water storage function to form a necessary water distribution function.


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