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Easy To Clean Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel for Landscape

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polymer concrete drainage channel has good drainage effect

● The accumulated water in rainy days can be drained in seconds

Precast drainage channel is a measure taken to deal with the rainwater situation of each community. It can quickly reduce the surface water, treat the drainage as quickly as possible, and clean up the accumulated water in places with a lot of people, such as the community. The use of precast drainage channel can be timely discharging accumulated water in rainy days to prevent pedestrians from falling due to slippery ground and also to ensure safety and reduce the possibility of slippage.

● Simple and unified look and feel, linear and continuous water cutoff.

Precast u-shaped drainage channel is mainly used in areas with high design requirements, showing a simple and continuous narrow gap drainage aesthetic effect, which can be concealed and creative effect on the stone pavement surface. The design with precast u-shaped polymer concrete drainage channel makes the appearance look beautiful, the linear look and feel be simple and unified, and the linear continuous water interception and drainage efficiency be extremely high.


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