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Linear Cast Iron Car Park Grill Grating

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With the development of cities, the supply of land in cities has become less and less, and the proportion of cars owned per capita in China has shown a significant increase. In order to solve more parking problems on limited land, the trench drain of the basement parking lot has also become a trend as an indispensable part of a building. The polymer concrete U-shaped drainage channel has the advantages of high compression resistance, frost resistance, non-corrosion, non-weathering, convenient installation and easy maintenance, and it is widely used in various stations. U-shaped, linear, slotted...There are also drain covers and accessory parts of different materials and models, as well as curb drainage channel. It has a wide range of applications and can meet various customers with different needs. Choosing to use resin drainage channel can optimize the parking lot design. It is necessary to focus on increasing the parking rate and ease of use, so that the underground parking lot integrates with the overall environment, reducing the impact of vehicles entering and exiting on the surrounding environment, and taking full account of  the economic rationality, practicability and safety of the parking lot,truly reflecting the people-oriented design concept.


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