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Linear Composite Material Bathroom Grill Grating

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1: High compressive and flexural strength

The three-dimensional network molecular structure formed by the resin cross-linking can generate huge bonding energy when reacting with the filler, so it has high compressive and flexural strength. The compressive strength of the resin concrete drainage ditch is specially designed to reach 2500kg /cm².

2: Strong acid and alkali resistance

The acid-base resistance of the finished drainage channel reaches PH1---10, and the corrosion resistance is very strong, and the resistance to biological sulfuric acid erosion and acid soil is very good.

3: Strong ability to resist erosion

The finished polymer concrete drainage channel has no pores and no water absorption, which can prevent organisms from growing and destroying on its surface, and does not give harmful organisms any chance of survival. For long-term ultra-high-concentration chemical attack, due to the filling of resin and aggregate, and the absence of capillary on the surface, the damage only occurs on the surface of the channel body, and cannot penetrate into the resin drainage channel, destroying the structural strength of the channel body.

4: Good environmental stability

After cementation, polyester resin concrete is more stable than thermoplastic resin materials and has glass-like stability.


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