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Monolithic Linear Drainage Channel

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The Monolithic Linear Drainage Channel is made of resin concrete, which is a solution developed for a series of floor drainage applications from C250 to F900. The safety, stability, high functionality and unique overall prefabricated structure brought by the monolithic linear drainage channel

ensure extremely high safety and stability in all transportation road surface drainage applications. It is widely used in places with higher load-bearing requirements such as municipal, urban cross-ditches, tunnels, etc., and can effectively protect the safety of vehicles passing through.

Product Characteristics

Simple to use, few system components, no passing noise, strong and durable;

The overall carrying capacity of the drainage ditch reaches F900 (900KN), which is suitable for airport terminals;

The cover plate and the ditch body are integrated, and there is no cover plate displacement or springboard phenomenon when the vehicle is running at high speed;

The non-slip design on the surface of the cover is used as a cross-sectional trench in the tunnel, which can effectively protect the safe passage of vehicles.

Monolithic Linear Drainage Channel 2Monolithic Linear Drainage Channel


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