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Polymer Concrete Hotel Drainage Channel with Grates 

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The channel of finished drainage ditch under a steel grille cover, abandoning the cement component, is mixed and reacted with different grades of aggregates through the resin. The  finished polymer concrete drainage system has the advantage of high strength, and the product of the same volume is more pressure-resistant than ordinary cement products, it is Obviously several times higher. And due to the modularization of the drainage system, it is easier to operate and assemble manually during construction, which reduces the cost.

The product is resistant to freezing and can effectively prevent the erosion of a variety of chemicals. It can also be used for a long time under the conditions of complex sewage composition. It is a modern drainage product commonly used in Europe and the United States. In more and more overseas projects in other countries it is widely used.

Finished drainage ditch system composition:

● Drainage channel material:   polymer concrete material;

● Cover plate type and material:   grille type

● Drainage system composition:  drainage channel (flat with no slope), cleaning and maintenance openings, drop wells,and system accessories;

●(Note: The cover and the channel can be freely matched according to customer needs)


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