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Polymer Concrete Sump-YTJ150-20600

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Polymer concrete sump are wells that are covered with blocks at intervals when burying underground pipelines or at turns. It is convenient for normal pipeline inspection and dredging. The resin concrete collection well is an important part of the drainage system. It not only undertakes the dredging of the drainage system, collects waste, and protects the normal operation of the drainage system, but also can be used as an inspection well to play a key role in the maintenance of the drainage system. The finished water collection well has the characteristics of precise size, light weight and high strength, which greatly shortens the installation time and is an essential part of the drainage system in the construction of the project.

Product Characteristics

Long service life, low maintenance cost;

Hardness, impact resistance, compression resistance and high bending strength;

Smooth surface, with the appearance of artwork, easy to maintain;

On-site processing, easy installation, bonding, drilling and cutting.

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