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Polymer Concrete Surface Drainage Channel with Grating

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Among the common daily drainage channel, the load-bearing capacity of finished drainage channel can be called to be the most prominent. The finished drainage channel is made of polymer concrete, and its load-bearing capacity is much higher than that of cement brick drainage channel and plastic one. In some airport terminals and industrial transportation routes, finished drainage channeles made of polymer concrete are required.


The product is resistant to freezing and can effectively prevent the erosion of a variety of chemicals. It can also be used for a long time under the conditions of complex sewage composition. It is a modern drainage product commonly used in Europe and the United States.


In terms of installation, the linear finished drainage channel is prefabricated in the factory, which is light in weight, pressure resistant, and convenient to transport. It can be installed directly on the construction site. The installation steps are simple, ordinary construction teams can operate, and the installation time is short. It can be used right after installation.

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