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Recessed Manhole Cover

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Features of stainless steel manhole cover:


1. Anti-theft: Compared with other material manhole covers, stainless steel manhole covers are more firm with small joint gaps, they are difficult to pry open with ordinary tools with strong anti-theft performance.


2. Safety: The manhole cover must not only prevent theft, but also take responsibility for the safety of the pipeline construction personnel. Due to the use of steel support, the stainless steel manhole cover will not be crushed even if it reaches a destructive load to prevent all aspects of damage caused by falling.


3. High precision: The stainless steel manhole cover is molded with a small gap between the cover and the frame, which overcomes the "running, jumping and ringing" problems of the original manhole cover, and greatly improves the road traffic performance and driving comfort.


4. Convenient and beautiful: The stainless steel manhole cover is only two-thirds of the cast iron manhole cover, which brings great convenience to installation and inspection. Recessed manhole covers can be used, so that the beauty of the overall environment is not destroyed.


5. Anti-corrosion: The manhole cover is open all year round and has high requirements for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel manhole cover is not only moisture-proof, good acid and alkali resistance, but also anti-aging, and has a long service life.



Description of bearing grade of stainless steel manhole cover:


1. Light Duty: Greenbelt roads or sidewalks where motor vehicles are not allowed to enter.


2. Medium Duty: roads or parking lots with cars below grade 10.


3. Heavy Duty: roads or parking lots where motor vehicles pass.


4. Extra-heavy: The main road for motor vehicles.


Installation steps and precautions for stainless steel manhole cover:


1. Check that the diameter of the net hole of the tray shall not be larger than the net hole of the  frame, so as to prevent the frame from being carried and suspended to cause accidents.


2. The relative height between the finished pavement and the surrounding ground should be within the scale of +2~-2mm. Exceeding this scale will be detrimental to the future use of the manhole cover.


3. During the installation and use of the product, the manhole cover should always face upward.


4. The side strips of the manhole cover can be pressed with stone or poured with concrete to keep the manhole cover fixed and not displaced.


5. During on-site construction, our company can provide personnel and technical guidance of installation.


The width of manhole cover can be from 200mm to 2,000mm,with height from 50mm to 200mm.


 Stainless steel Recessed manhole cover is one of the professional products produced by Yete for a long time. Its product types and specifications are diverse. In order to meet customer needs, our products can be customized according to the actual situation to ensure product quality and good price. Welcome to consult with pictures.


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