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SS304 modern agriculture kerb drainage channel

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Advantage 1. Polymer concrete trench drain has a longer service life than PVC pipe

The polymer concrete trench drain can resist the erosion of chemical substances, has strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and has super resistance to biological sulfuric acid erosion and acid soil erosion. Even in extremely harsh environments, there will be no embrittlement or damage. Therefore, the service life of the new resin concrete trench drain is longer than that of the traditional PVC pipe, which can be extended by more than double.

Advantage 2: The resin concrete trench drain is more suitable for the environment than the PVC pipe

The new type of resin concrete trench drain itself has ultra-high hardness, and has good weather resistance, can withstand sunlight, icing and thawing without any influence on it, and there is no requirement for the temperature of drainage, so it can be applied to various In this kind of environment, the traditional PVC pipe is only suitable for the water supply system whose conveying temperature does not exceed 45℃.

Advantage three, the construction cost of polymer concrete trench drain is lower than that of PVC pipe

Compared with traditional PVC pipes, polymer concrete trench drain can save a lot of construction costs. Polymer concrete trench drain is a different series of finished trench drain prefabricated in the factory. After being transported to the construction site, it only needs to be placed in the excavated foundation trench. The construction is very simple and convenient, saving a lot of installation costs. The traditional PVC pipe construction is more complicated. As we all know, the construction cost of workers is very expensive now, which can save the builders a large budget.

To sum up, in comparison, the new polymer concrete trench drain has greater advantages than the traditional PVC pipe. No matter in terms of service life, use environment, or construction cost, resin concrete trench drain has obvious advantages.


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