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Sloped drainage channel with Stainless steel slot cover

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Chemical resistance: polymer concrete drainage channel can resist the erosion of chemical substances, and has good resistance to biological sulfuric acid erosion and acid soil.

Anti-biological corrosion: prevent biological parasitism. It does not absorb water, has no pores, and biological tissues cannot survive on it and will be eroded.

High temperature and frost resistance: It can withstand sunlight, and icing and thawing have no effect on the structure of the material. It has good climate adaptability, and there will be no brittleness or damage even in extremely harsh environments.

The resin trench drain has accurate dimensions, reduces the thickness of the material, reduces the cost of transportation, hoisting, excavation and installation, and greatly shortens the installation time.

Smooth surface, with the appearance of artwork, easy to maintain. The surface of the resin trench drain is not sandy but smooth. According to different needs, different pigments can be added to produce products with different appearance colors. The surface is not easy to accumulate sediment , It is easy to rinse and will not be damaged.

Resin trench drain is installed and used correctly and matched with joint water-stop materials, its service life is long; the average annual cost is low, and other materials are economical.


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