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Slotted drainage channel used in the Lin Shaoliang memorial

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The Lin Shaoliang Memorial Hall is located on the northeast side of the junction of Yuanhua Road and S201 Provincial Road in Haikou Town, Fuqing City, Fujian Province. It was wholly funded and built by Singapore Sanlin Group Company, 

with the theme of commemorating the famous patriotic leader Lin Shaoliang. The total land area is 236.3 mu (including the Overseas Chinese Park and auxiliary facilities), and the construction area is 6713 square meters. Lin Shaoliang Memorial 

Hall is registered by the Fuqing Public Institution Registration Bureau and is a public welfare, non-profit and non-financial funding public institution affiliated to the Haikou Town People’s Government of Fuqing City.

The main shape of the Lin Shaoliang Memorial Hall is based on traditional local architecture, with "leaves returning to the roots" as the architectural form intention. It will set up a physical exhibition hall, a literature exhibition hall, a Southeast Asian 

overseas Chinese history exhibition hall, a multimedia exhibition hall, etc., to show people what overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese have made to Fuqing City. Outstanding contribution. At the same time, supplemented by cultural, leisure and health, 

art sketches and other public service facilities to form a thematic, open, and people-friendly natural garden landscape park.

The drainage channel of the memorial hall is designed with stainless steel slot drainage channel, which can match almost all floor tiles. The stainless steel slotted drainage channel is no stranger to many builders and construction parties. It is a cost-effective drainage channel.

 It not only has a high drainage effect, but also has a beautiful appearance after installation.

Due to the newer design of slot drainage channel, it can be more widely used in scenic spots, parks, memorials and other places. At the same time, the surface is not scaled and smoother. Even special structural sections can also increase its drainage capacity. The drainage 

performance is very good. The rapid drainage of the accumulated water after rain in the area will not be as weak as the drainage capacity of the cement drainage channel, and the stagnant water will be more convenient for visitors to the memorial hall. Adding some ingenious 

skills and creativity can also reflect the artistic effect, and at the same time can effectively protect the service life of the ground and the building, and the two-way combination is more practical and beautiful on the premise of ensuring the beauty.

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