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Surface Drainage Channel with Stainless Steel 316 Grating

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Due to the addition of Mo element, 316 stainless steel has greatly improved its corrosion resistance and high temperature strength. Compared with 304 stainless steel, it can be used in corrosive scenes, such as shopping malls, squares, kitchens, factories, etc.


Product advantages of   finished linear slot cover drainage channel:

● Form a linear drainage seam with high drainage efficiency and difficult to get attention when paved;

● Does not affect the aesthetic effect of the ground paving;

● Fast installation, shorten the construction period;

● Detailed design such as slot width and debris basket can reduce the risk of clogging of the drainage system;

● The cleaning and repairing cover can be filled with paving materials, which does not affect the effect of floor paving and facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system;

● Long product life cycle and low maintenance cost.


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