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Surface drainage channel with SS316 slot cover

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Compared with traditional concrete trench drain, linear trench drain has the following three advantages:

Advantage 1, drainage efficiency of linear trench drain is high

Linear trench drain adopts linear design, drainage has continuity, and large drainage is a good helper to alleviate urban waterlogging.

Advantage 2, linear trench drain installation is convenient and quick

The construction of the linear trench drain is simple, clear and faster, lighter in weight, easy to transport, slot-connected, with side and bottom drain outlet, and can be used in conjunction with basically all ground decoration materials. Moreover, the linear drainage system software has excellent drainage capacity, which is very suitable for installation in sites with high requirements for laying garden landscapes.

Advantage 3, the appearance design of the trench drain is beautiful and generous

The linear trench drain has a unique appearance design and can be matched with all kinds of covers at will, and if there is a replacement or a single purchase of the channel or cover of the linear trench drain in the middle and late stages, it can also be combined with the previous linear trench drain to the extreme, which have natural advantages in the use of pavements or flat roofs where filling is restricted.

The linear trench drain itself has strong drainage capacity, and the deep layer and total width of the pavement foundation pit excavation are greatly reduced compared with the traditional trench drain specifications. It not only considers the drainage volume, but also solves the problem of restricted filling.


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