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cast iron driveway slot drain cover

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●The polymer concrete trench drain adopts linear design, with continuity, U-shaped section design with large drainage capacity.

●The channel is made of resin material, with smooth surface, no dirt residue, no blockage, and high drainage efficiency in rainy season.

●Compared with traditional concrete trench drain,polymer concrete trench drain is lighter in weight, easy to transport, install and construct, and the construction period can be guaranteed.

●Polymer concrete trench drain has a long service life. Under the correct specification requirements and installation, it has almost unlimited design service life. Compared with cement concrete, plastic and other materials,polymer concrete trench drain has a long service life and a relatively low annual amortization cost. , the economic benefits are much higher than other products.

●Polymer concrete drains can be matched with a variety of covers, such as ductile iron covers, slot covers,and grille coves. The use of the cover will improve the load-bearing level of the trench drain, it will not be easily broken, it can pass the vehicle, and the safety performance is high.

●The polymer concrete trench drain has high continuity and good water collection capacity, which can prevent water accumulation and keep the ground dry, which can not only protect the equipment and the site, but also prevent the ground from being slippery, and children can run happily. Personnel safety is guaranteed.


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