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cast iron indoor slot drain cover

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Function of Linear drainage channel  

The linear drainage channel can quickly drain water. The linear drainage channel is designed with a U-shaped section. The inner wall is smooth, and it is not easy to leave garbage. The drainage efficiency is very high.

●The linear drainage channel has a beautiful appearance, can be matched with different covers, and the cover has a strong design. It has a high load-bearing level and is not easy to be damaged. It can play a great role during a temporary rainstorm.

●Linear drainage channel is convenient to transport, quick to construct, easy to install, ready to use after installation, short construction period, high economic benefit, suitable for large-scale use.

●Linear drainage channel is made of polymer concrete, which can withstand high temperature, severe cold and corrosion, adapt to different climates and soils, and has a wide range of applications.It can play a drainage role in various terrains.


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