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cast iron threshold slot drain cover

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Application advantages of polymer concrete trench drain

1. The quality of resin concrete trench drain itself is excellent, and its load-bearing capacity is 1 to 2 times that of ordinary trench drain. It meets the load-bearing standard of EN1433 and can be applied to areas with high load-bearing requirements, such as our urban roads.

2. The polymer concrete trench drain is designed linearly, which can continuously collect water. The water collection area is large, the inner wall is smooth, and the drainage is unobstructed. The overall drainage volume is much higher than that of the point type trench drain,and there is no drainage interval. It is collected immediately and discharged immediately, which can cope with the rainy weather in summer, and can also keep the road fresh and free of stagnant water.

3. Polymer concrete trench drain can be matched with covers of different load-bearing levels to further enhance the overall pressure-bearing capacity. The freely matched covers can meet the needs of different areas of the city for the appearance of the trench drain. If you want the drain to be looked good, you can choose the slotted trench drain cover. If you want a strong pressure bearing capacity, you can choose the ductile iron cover. In short, it is a flexible trench drain product.

4. The polymer concrete trench drain is easy to install and convenient to transport. Compared with the traditional brick cement trench drain, the construction period is much shorter, and the number of workers and technical requirements are much lower, which is suitable for wide application and promotion.


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