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concrete garden slot drain cover

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The drainage system in the park is relatively concealed, and linear trench drain is often used. Linear trench drain is a very popular method of park trench drain. It is deeply loved by the majority of designers. The techniques and design lines give artistic results. The design of the linear finished trench drain in the park .while having the function of the trench drain, makes the park more perfect. The linear special-shaped trench drain effectively protects the service life of the ground and buildings, and it is perfectly integrated with the building complex.

The material of the trench drain is mostly resin concrete with linear and U-shaped design. The trench drain made of this material has no penetration. The U-shaped design is suitable for rapid drainage and no garbage retention. The weight of the channel is more than 75% lighter than that of ordinary concrete channels. Anti-aging and maintenance-free,with high strength and chemical resistance, these characteristics are very suitable for sports and leisure parks.

The park covers a large area and has a large rated height difference. After sedimentation, it flows into the catch basin, and then is pumped by a submersible pump. However, it should be noted that the drainage system in the park must use the natural terrain to determine the drainage direction,and to dig the groove according to the specified slope. The drainage system of the park shall be provided with continuous, unobstructed, with other emergency facilities, to prevent the mud, sewage and waste water from out-flowing or blocking the drains.


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