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durable polymer concrete drainage channel for driveway

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The stainless steel trench cover is made of stainless steel through stamping, edge folding, forming and other processes. There is no welding process, the product is simple and beautiful, and the drainage is smooth. It is suitable for most places with flushing requirements.

The stainless steel drain cover is simple in installation and construction, light in weight, large in bearing capacity, strong in impact resistance, beautiful and durable, and with round anti-skid bumps on the surface, it is comfortable to step on, and can be effectively anti-skid in a slippery and greasy environment; the densely porous design can meet the needs of rapid drainage, the smaller drain hole can prevent large particles of garbage and debris from flowing into the channel, and has the characteristics of anti-blocking and anti-rat; high-quality stainless steel 201, 304 stainless steel sheet is selected, and the surface is brushed, which is beautiful and not easy to rust!


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