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grid concrete outdoor grill grating

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Polymer drainage channel has good drainage effect

● The accumulated water can be discharged in seconds in rainy days

Prefabricated drainage channel is a measure to respond to the rainwater conditions of each community. It can quickly reduce the area of water, deal with the drainage as quickly as possible, and clean the stagnant water in the community and other places with more people. Using prefabricated drainage channel can be timely Draining rainy water to prevent pedestrians from falling down due to slippery ground is also to ensure safety while reducing the possibility of slipping.

● Industrial waste can be discharged

The industry is developing rapidly, and the operation of the industry has become the main technique for most sewage discharge. A lot of waste water is easily discharged and affects environmental protection and sanitation. However, the unique advantages and functions of the prefabricated U-shaped resin drainage channel can help industrial wastewater get discharged in time.

● Concise and unified look and feel, linear and continuous water interception.

Prefabricated U-shaped drainage channel is mainly used in areas with high design requirements, presenting a concise and continuous narrow-slot drainage and aesthetic effect. It can be concealed and creative on the stone paving surface. The prefabricated U-shaped resin drainage channel is beautiful in design shape, simple and unified linear in look and feel, linear and continuous in water interception, and extremely high in drainage efficiency.


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