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grid fiberglass swimming pool grill grating

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Polymer concrete drainage channel has good anticorrosion

As we all know, as a drainage expert, polymer concrete drainage channel is on standby in a damp and humid environment for a long time, and it will often come into contact with various sewage or corrosive liquids, but it will not cause quality problems during use. The main reason is that the polymer concrete drainage channel has strong quality and strong anti-corrosion ability, which can effectively deal with various harsh environments and can continue to maintain its characteristics.

Polymer concrete drainage channel self-cleaning high

Polymer concrete drainage channel will often deal with sewage for a long time in use, but it will not affect its cleanliness and will not produce a large amount of silt. With a high degree of self-cleaning function, it is also because of its unique U-shaped design and smooth structure of the inner wall, which makes it difficult to produce various dirt adhesion during use.


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