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light duty galvanized swimming pool grille grating

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Swimming pool drains are an indispensable part of every swimming pool, but we rarely notice the existence of drains. Swimming pool drains actually play an important role in the entire swimming pool water treatment system. The installation of drainage channel in the swimming pool is not only more convenient for drainage, but also the load-bearing capacity of the drain cover is very good, at the same time, it is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can also play a role of anti-skid.

Grille is the abbreviation of swimming pool grille. Swimming pool grille can also be called swimming pool overflow grille, non-slip grate, non-slip channel surface grille, ditch surface grate, trench cover, etc. It is generally referred to as the grille for short. The function of the swimming pool grille is to cover the swimming pool ditch and play the role of overflow. The swimming pool grille has the following characteristics: good corrosion resistance, long service life, easy assembly and simple installation. It is easy to clean, the comb-shaped grille mouth will not be blocked, and it is more convenient for drainage. And the special style of the grille makes the grating cover have a certain anti-skid effect, which can effectively prevent people entering and leaving the pool from falling when used around the swimming pool.


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