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light duty round composite material manhole cover

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1. Anti-theft: Compared with other materials, the stainless steel manhole cover has higher firmness and small joint gap. It is difficult to pry open with ordinary tools and has anti-theft performance.

2. Safety: The manhole cover must not only prevent theft, but also take responsibility for the safety of the pipeline construction personnel. Due to the use of steel support, the stainless steel manhole cover will not be crushed even if it reaches a destructive load to prevent all aspects of damage caused by falling;

3. High precision: The stainless steel manhole cover is molded with small gap between the cover and the seat, which overcomes the "running, jumping and ringing" problems of the original manhole cover, and greatly improves the road traffic performance and driving comfort;

4. Convenient and beautiful: The stainless steel manhole cover is only two-thirds of the cast iron manhole cover in weight, which brings maximum convenience to installation and inspection. A recessed manhole cover can also be used, so that the beauty of the overall environment is not destroyed. It can be classified and colored by industry sector, which is convenient for classification management;

5. Environmental protection: The manhole cover is open all year round and has high requirements for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel manhole cover is not only moisture-proof, good acid and alkali resistance, but also anti-aging and has a long service life.


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