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light duty square metal manhole cover

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Stainless steel manhole covers, also known as recessed manhole covers, are mainly used in industry. Outdoor manhole in the field of civil construction can meet the requirements of paving ballast in high-end residential areas,and requirements for marble and granite. The purpose of stainless steel manhole cover is as follows:

   1. Drainage works, suitable for rainwater and sewage pipes

  2, water supply engineering, suitable for tap water,fire engineering, etc.

   3. Heating engineering. Applied to the heating arm line.

   4. Power supply project. It is suitable for power supply cables and telecommunications projects,telephone and communication cables, and pipes.

   5. Landscape engineering, used for supporting integrated pipelines.

   6. Gas engineering. Used in gas engineering and Natural gas pipelines, etc.

   7. Street lamp engineering. Used in power supply, lighting, Cables, and pipes


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