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modern SS304 outdoor kerb drainage channel

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Outdoor drainage has brought problems to many people. Especially in recent years, abnormal weather has increased sharply every year, heavy rains and floods are frequent. When the rainy season comes, the rainwater will increase greatly. If the outdoor drainage is improper and the rainwater cannot be discharged in a short time, it will It may cause rainwater to stagnate, overflow into the room, and bring inconvenience to residential travel. Therefore, when doing outdoor design, the drainage design of the architect should be used as the basis to keep the roof drainage smooth. The usual principle is to ensure the original drainage direction and drainage slope of the building roof untouched while draining water well.

For outdoor areas with relatively low terrain, once there are showers with relatively large rainfall, the accumulation of water is inevitable, and it may remain for a long time. For this situation, a linear trench drain with excellent drainage effect can be used. , Installing linear trench drain outdoors can quickly discharge rainwater. The U-shaped section of linear trench drain can greatly increase the drainage capacity, linear continuous water interception, high drainage efficiency, and can bring a simple and unified aesthetic feeling to the outdoors .


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