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precast industrial airport kerb drainage channel

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1. Hardness, corrosion resistance, great compressive and flexural strength

The finished trench drain has the advantages of high strength and light weight. Polyester can absorb external impact, and its compressive and flexural strength is three times that of traditional concrete, but the weight of components with the same compression level is significantly lower than that of ordinary concrete.

2. Anti-chemical corrosion, anti-biological corrosion, high temperature resistance, frost resistance

The finished trench drain has no pores on the surface and no water absorption, so it can effectively prevent microorganisms from damaging the surface. It has strong acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively resist the erosion of acid-alkaline soil and biological sulfuric acid. It is resistant to cold and freezing, even if it snows in the mountains. It will not be brittle or damaged due to low temperature.

3. Smooth surface, fast drainage, not easy to accumulate garbage, with the appearance of artwork, easy to maintain

The finished trench drain has a smooth surface and good drainage performance. The artificial appearance is beautifully designed. The modern design concept of the ground drainage system, and the linear drainage seam with high drainage efficiency and imperceptible drainage, is especially suitable for landscape design, flagstone squares, and pedestrian areas.It does not affect the aesthetic effect of the floor paving, and can be harmoniously combined with all floor materials.

4. Convenient installation, environmentally friendly materials, long service life

The finished trench drain is a kind of green and environmentally friendly second-class material. In terms of installation and maintenance, it is not necessary to dig deep trenches, and it is easy to find slopes. Even ordinary cement workers can know how to install, which makes it easier to construct and ensure a good construction period and saves the cost of the contractor as well.


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