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precast modern road kerb drainage channel

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The prefabricated polymer concrete trench drain adopts a modular design, which is a prefabricated product and a systematic solution. Compared with the traditional method of cast-in-place masonry, the precast polymer concrete trench drain not only has light weight, anti-aging, strong frost and corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, smooth surface, and zero permeability. But also because of the modular system, the installation is quick and the construction period is short.

As urban surface water often contains some harmful substances such as oil and heavy metals, we advocate purifying it after collection to avoid secondary pollution; in addition, the purified rainwater can also be stored through the water storage module, which is used on the one hand with regulate storage and shift peaks to prevent waterlogging disasters when rainfall is heavy,on the other hand, to supplement groundwater by infiltration or used by further purification.


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