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public area kerb drainage channel

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The linear resin trench drain is a drainage system with excellent drainage effect. It uses a new type of environmentally friendly material polymer concrete. The reason why it is called "linear resin trench drain" is because it is pavement in a straight line, like a line. The channel body is a U-shaped section design. Its U-shaped section can cope with all kinds of rain and weather. It is mainly used for the function of drainage on the ground. It can meet the drainage needs of various buildings and is used in major urban projects. In fact, there is also a V-shaped section with similar functions, but the design style is different. Today we will analyze the linear polymer concrete trench drain with the following four advantages in major projects.

1. It can be matched with a variety of covers.

Linear polymer trench drain has the advantages of collocation with a variety of covers, with high flexibility and multiple choices, strong applicability, and is more popular with consumers, whether it is a beautiful slot cover or a stainless steel grille cover, or a high-load bearing Nodular cast iron covers can be applied to them, depending on your specific construction environment and project budget to choose.

2. Unique material, quality assurance

The use of polymer concrete material has the characteristics of light weight, and it can also be easily handled by construction personnel. Moreover, the linear polymer trench drain also has the function of anti-freezing and anti-corrosion in some bad weather. Although light in weight, it has stronger bearing capacity and good corrosion resistance, so that there will be no aging in a short period of use.

3. Good drainage effect, not afraid of heavy rain

Linear resin trench drain can deal with the drainage of various buildings according to the different specifications of the modular system, and it is still continuous drainage. The drainage effect is very good, and it is completely superior to point drainage, so that there will be no local water accumulation, even When the city is in continuous heavy rain, there is no need to worry, linear trench drain can be drained in time.

4. Easy to install, to ensure the construction period

In terms of installation and maintenance, the linear resin trench drain does not need to be deep digging, and it is easy to find the slope. Even ordinary cement workers can know how to install it, which makes it easier to construct, ensure a good construction period, and save the cost of the constructor. .


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