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sloped drainage channel with SS316 slot cover

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The prefabricated linear trench drain system consists of polymer concrete finished trench drain, cove, boltless cover lock, drop inspection well, end caps and municipal rainwater pipe interface. The channel and cover are provided by the same manufacturer, which can ensure the effective operation of the entire system; the special V-shaped and U-shaped cross-section design has better hydraulic performance; the inner wall of channel is smooth and easy to clean and maintain; the polymer concrete used is not Water seepage, no freezing and cracking, strong resistance to chemical corrosion; embedded support and edge protection in the channel, equipped with a locking system, so that the combination of the cover and channel is more stable; the load resistance of the cover is suitable for different load-bearing levels. With so many advantages, the prefabricated linear trench drain system has become a more obvious advantage, and the current high utilization rate of drainage system.


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