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sloped polymer slot drainage channel

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1. Drainage effect of finished trench drain

The finished trench drain has a smooth surface and a U-shaped cross section. Garbage and debris are not easy to adhere to, and will not cause blockage and bacterial growth, and the drainage efficiency will not be affected. The linear water collection area is large and the drainage volume is large. Therefore, many road surfaces with finished trench drain can be kept dry for a long time, and there is no big and small puddle like traditional point trench drain. The drainage effect of the finished trench drain is excellent, and it can cope with all kinds of heavy rain and extreme weather.

2. Load-bearing effect of finished trench drain

The finished trench drain is made of polymer concrete material, abandoning the cement component, and different grades of aggregates are mixed and reacted by resin. The finished trench drain system has the advantages of high strength and high bearing level. The product of the same volume is more pressure-resistant than ordinary cement products. The level is obviously several times higher. The finished trench drain is generally matched with a ductile iron cover on the asphalt pavement to further strengthen the load-bearing capacity. It can be passed by some large vehicles such as fire trucks.

3. the use effect of finished trench drain

The finished trench drain will be installed with sump pit every 15 to 20 meters. There are dirt baskets in the catch basins, which can be used to dispose of garbage and sundries. The collection wells are located at the lowest position and can be connected to municipal pipes to discharge sewage. Therefore, the daily maintenance and overhaul of the finished trench drain is very simple, and the daily maintenance can be used for a long time, which indirectly protects the asphalt pavement.


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