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stainless steel 304 swimming pool slot drain cover

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1. The stainless steel grille drain cover has beautiful appearance

The slanted inner surface of the grille cover makes the grille self-cleaning. Even if there is dirt, it can be easily washed with water or detergent, thus ensuring the surface of the cover is bright and fresh.

2. Easy to install

The stainless steel grille drain cover is light in weight, only one-third of the same volume of cast iron ones, which is convenient for transportation, installation, maintenance, etc., and the installation can also use lifting equipment as needed, which is very automatic and convenient.

3. Applicable places for grille drain cover

The stainless steel grille cover has a good load-bearing effect and is mainly used in commercial streets, public squares, swimming pools and other places, and can also be used in municipal engineering, sanitation engineering, industrial plants and other occasions.

4. Strong designability

The dimensions of the stainless steel grille drain cover can be cut and spliced into the size required by the customer. The height, width and length can be customized according to customer needs, very flexibly, and even the color can be customized according to customer requirements.

5. Good anti-skid performance

The surface effect of the grille makes the stainless steel grille trench cover with anti-skid performance. Different grille covers such as double plane, crescent surface, sandy surface and diamond shape increase the friction of the road surface and provide different anti-skid performance.


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